Welcome to  Alexandria, VA

      Alexandria, VA is home to nearly 140,000 people. Resting along the Potomac River just a few miles from Washington, D.C., this historic city draws tourists each year to shop and visit some of America’s historical attractions. The city attracts those who want to work in Washington, D.C. without living there.

      The community of Alexandria, Va. includes the most historical area of the city, Old Town. Old Town was designed in 1749 but today it includes historic homes, antique shops and art galleries. Rosemont is another neighborhood full of historical homes. Other neighborhoods include the Berg, settled in 1861 by former slaves; Arlandria, which has become home to many immigrants in recent years; Del Ray, built in 1894 and home to the city’s annual art festival; West End and North Ridge.

      Life in Alexandria, VA can be peaceful with its 100 parks and recreation areas. Alexandria is home to historical sites such as Robert E. Lee’s former home, a replica of George Washington’s former home and other historical buildings. Civil War statues and adorn the city. Children in town can play little league sports or swim at the water park. Those interested in history can peruse the exhibits at the Black History Resource Center or one of the other museums in the area.

      Alexandria, VA is great for families concerned with education. Alexandria City Public Schools is the district meant to service the town. The city houses 13 elementary schools but only two middle schools. Ninth-graders attend a school separate from the high school that services the entirety of Alexandria. Aside from the public school system, the city offers some of the finest private schools in the country. The proximity of Alexandria to Washington, D.C. means that many politicians send their children to these prestigious schools. After high school, students in Alexandria, Va. have their choice of college. Northern Virginia Community College is a popular and affordable option that offers programs in business administration, engineering and liberal arts. Virginia Tech has a center for architectural studies in Alexandria.

      Crime has been on a steady decline in the community of Alexandria, VA Hundreds of officers protect and serve the city, and technology has played a role in this. Officers post information about crime on the internet.

      While many Alexandria, VA residents work in Washington, D.C., there are still opportunities for employment in the city itself. The major industries for employment in the city include government and military.    

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Rex Reiley
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